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Our mission for our podcast is to provide listeners with nuggets of business wisdom and equip them with tools that will expedite their success, all while building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Our mission for the 2 Penny Podcast is to empower and guide both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs on their journey into the future.

profile picture of Mike
Mike Falco
Restauranteur, Leadership & Ops Consultant

Mike is a dynamic entrepreneur with over a decade of business ownership under his belt. He currently owns 3 restaurant concepts, a consulting company, and manages a seven figure portfolio of passive income businesses. His lean approach and bootstrap mindset is the ethos that drives his consulting business and brings authentic experiences to the 2 Penny Podcast and team.

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David Kim
Executive Producer

David is a passionate and innovative Creative Director and producer for the 2 Penny Podcast. Together with his fiance Haley, they founded Lionheart Arts & Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit for youth creative & community initiatives. As a member of the 2 Penny team, he brings his creative expertise to the table, sharing invaluable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

profile picture of Nick
Nick Loera
Media Specialist & Financial Coach

Nick is a talented media specialist and videographer specializing in social media content, branding, and design. With a genuine passion for empowering bands and business owners, he strives to elevate their online presence by creating captivating digital content that resonates with their audiences.

profile picture of Josh
Joshua Khodabaksh
Marketing & Management Consultant

Josh has a wealth of experience in management and marketing, bringing a deep understanding of effective business strategies and psychology. Passionate about entrepreneurs and business owners, Josh shares invaluable insights from leading international teams and developing company culture.