Breathe Life needs PR, Web design and development

Brief Summary

Breathe Life is looking to tackle elder loneliness whilst providing life advise to the young by connecting the generations through a secure web/app value exchange.


Whilst we have made progress through a successful pilot and have academic partnership to support on-going impact assessment to feed project development and refinement, we require public relation professionals for promotional networks and advice as well as web design/developers to ensure the safest, most accessible platforms to facilitate the generational interface - be that web or app - and with tech solutions to tie into social media channels.


Ideally we would like an app based solution providing secure links for the messaging exchange. This app would need to be highly intuitive given the broad spectrum of age groups being targeted. Security would be paramount as would automated gatekeepers to minimise inappropriate usage, such as "trolling" or worse. There will be no financial transactions on the site. Whilst the Elders and User communities would need to be anonymised, the Elder group would hopefully be able to interact in a closed, secure chat forum environment.


Web Development

Breathe Life

About Us

Value Proposition: Breathe Life is

FOR: people who are seeking guidance from those who've lived a full life and want to share their experiences

Who are dissatisfied with: infrequent and / or impersonal communication with others.

Our product is a: safe, intergenerational web messaging platform

That provides: a value exchange creating vital connections between younger and older generations: providing life guidance from those who have experience but are the opportunities to share

Unlike: Unsecure, unmoderated social media channels and off the shelf responses provided by search engines and institutions


Mental Health

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