Tech help needed to revolutionize the charity industry

Brief Summary

DonorSee launched 9 months ago, and has already helped people in need on over 50 countries. We had tech contractors build our website and app to get things off the ground.

We now want to make some improvements and enhancements to the site, but have used all our funds to get where we are today. We are looking for someone who is passionate about revolutionizing the way people charitably give, who can help us optimize our web platform.


Making charity direct and transparent. With DonorSee, you give and then receive raw video updates showing exactly where your money went.


We need to make some improvements to our web platform


Web Development


About Us

Hey guys, I am with a startup called DonorSee, that is trying to revolutionize the way people charitably give.

Most of the time when you give to charity, all you receive back is a thank you email. You never know where your dollars actually ended up. DonorSee is changing that.

DonorSee allows you to give directly to specific needs all over the world, and receive raw videos - just days later - showing exactly how your generosity changed someone's life.

Here is a great example:
A few people came together to provide $300 for a wheelchair that changed this girl's life - and got to actually see it :)



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